We’ve been a customer of Mahans for 10 years and we always keep coming back for their service. Any time we need Heat Exchangers or parts, we always go to them. They deliver on time and they tell you when they can get it to us. They’re so helpful in answering any questions you have and they help you with any trouble you may face. We highly recommend Mahans for anything related to heat exchangers, gaskets, and a great customer experience.

– Terry Everett, Superior Industrial Contractors, LLC

Randy Mahan and Mahan’s Thermal Products go above and beyond every time. They have supplied the heat exchangers from original projects and parts, and the customer service is fantastic. They make me look good at my job. Randy is on call 24/7 and helps us whenever we need him. You can call him at 10pm or even 3am, and he will answer. He gets it done ASAP. Mahan’s gives us what we need at a reasonable price. Plus, you don’t ever have to chase the down because they’re always on top of it, whether it be a new purchase or a replacement.

– Paul, DSM planning group