More than 30 different models.

Speed and ease of repair.

Low initial and operating costs.

Interchangeable with other brands.

Available materials:

            Ductil iron

            316 SS



Serving industries:


            Food & beverage





            Pulps & paper

            General industry

Versatile for use in a wide variety of industries, the ANSI centrifugal process pump 911 Series uses a basic hydraulic and mechanical design to deliver a highly flexible, highly durable product to the end-user. This extremely reliable centrifugal process pump can be modified and repurposed for a range of operations, including use in the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Textile
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Petrochemical
  • Chemical
  • Pulps & Paper

…and more.

The smart design and durable materials used in the construction of the ANSI 911 Series Pump makes it a perfect choice for anyone seeking a long-lasting industrial pump.

Keep Costs Low with the 911 Series

Most centrifugal process pumps break down over time because of poorly constructed mechanical seals. A mechanical seal that is unable to handle large amounts of stress will cause problems, such as poor lubrication on the seal face and subpar heat dissipation.

With the 911 Series, those problems rarely arise. We’re able to keep initial and operating costs low because of our durable construction, smart design and high-quality seal plates. The mechanical seals on the 911 Series Pumps ensure proper lubrication and a long-lasting sealing system.

Compared to other pumps on the market, the spare parts for the 911 series are far more affordable, so you can continue using your 911 Series Pump long after the initial purchase.

Enjoy the Flexibility of the 911 Series

The ANSI 911 Series Pump was made with a focus on modular design. With this pump, it’s easy to add or remove parts to ensure compliance with changing requirements and installation needs. This pump was constructed and designed in such a way that all parts are interchangeable with other centrifugal process pumps. Because of this modular design, the 911 Series can be repaired quickly and easily.

Every single part of our 911 Series Pumps is 100% interchangeable with other pump parts. This makes it easy to perform repairs and modifications as needed. Plus, buyers can choose from our variety of materials, capacities and pump sizes that can handle any application. In fact, we offer more than 30 different sizes, each one with various seals and cooling plants.

Every part has been computer numerically controlled with our machining equipment to ensure consistent, reliable performance. Quality, durability and performance are the hallmarks of the 911 Series. A centrifugal process pump are a critical component of any plant in the chemical process industry, and the 911 Series delivers when you need it most.

The Long-Lasting Performance of the 911 Series

Not only does the 911 Series Pump come with a low initial cost, but it also lasts longer than other pumps, which keeps long-term repair and maintenance costs to a minimum.

This durability can be attributed, in part, to the extra thick walls of the 911 Series Pumps. Featuring rigid casing and self-venting design, the 911 Series Pump rarely suffers from pipeline misalignment. It can also be repaired easily with its back pull-out design.

Top-of-the-Line Impeller Design

The 911 Series sets itself apart with superior impellers that can handle abrasive and corrosive liquids, solids and fibrous material. This is especially important in the petrochemical industry, which has used the 911 Series impeller design to get maximum performance during critical industrial operations.

The impellers in the ANSI centrifugal process pump 911 Series are designed with back pump-out vanes that keep hydraulic loads low and decrease seal chamber pressure. The impellers are both efficient and sturdy, making it the pump of choice for many industrial operations. The 911 Series Pump also features a Teflon impeller gasket to facilitate the handling of abrasive liquids and potentially harmful solids.

The 911 Series Pump is a perfect choice for achieving long-lasting performance without having to pay for expensive repair and maintenance. When you choose a 911 Series Pump, you can keep costs low without sacrificing quality or performance.

If you need maintenance services, cleaning or other solutions for your pump, check out our product selection page or give us a call. We’re happy to help.

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