We are fully equipped to handle even the most complex high temperature application and provide the right heat exchanger for your needs. From printed circuit heat exchanger to regenerative heat exchanger, we have a broad range of products suited for your high temperature applications.

Heat exchangers are used in a wide variety of industries, from power generation and chemical plants to oil cooling and food and beverage applications. Expected to withstand temperatures as high as 1650°F and as low as -259°F, heat exchangers must be sturdy, reliable, and, above all, efficient. Furthermore, they are subjected to even higher pressures, varying up to 600 bar and, in order to achieve optimum performance, one must take advantage of heat exchanger’s design nuances.

Conventional heat exchangers, such as shell and tube, have been used for more than 150 years in almost every industrial application. Although sturdy and fairly reliable, they are big, heavy and have a high level of energy consumption. They don’t have high vibration and corrosion resistance properties and their lifespan is rather short.

By contrast, printed circuit heat exchanger is more compact, lighter, corrosion resistant and able to perform in high temperature applications. The regenerative heat exchanger is another example of a great alternative to standard shell and tube design. Compact, reliable, and efficient, they can ensure high heat recovery.

Another important device in high temperature applications is the chiller – a device that removes heats from the liquid through a absorption refrigeration cycle.

Find out more about the benefits of adopting printed circuit heat exchanger and regenerative heat exchanger solutions.

Printed circuit heat exchanger

The selection of the proper type of heat exchanger is critical for the overall reliability, energy efficiency and output of the entire application. Selecting the wrong type can lead to inferior performance, operability issues or even equipment failure.

When it comes to high temperature applications, one great alternative to shell and tube is printed circuit heat exchanger.

Printed circuit heat exchanger is a compact, high-pressure type of plate heat exchangers. Compared to shell and tube design, printed circuit heat exchangers have chemically-carved channels as strong and solid as a block of metal. Sturdy and corrosion resistant, these channels can withstand extreme temperatures and pressures. Furthermore, due to the joint-less core, they are less likely to develop leaks.

One of the great things about printed circuit heat exchanger is that, depending on your needs the channels can be custom made. From small adjustments to more complex modification, they can be optimized to suit your application’s specific requirements.

The need to increase thermal performance and heat recovery, while reducing the use of energy and operating costs has become more and more pressing for today’s industrial heat exchange applications. Printed circuit heat exchanger is able maximize heat recovery, while keeping costs to a minimum.

Key benefits of printed circuit heat exchangers

  • High heat transfer effectiveness;
  • Channels can be optimized for counter current flow;
  • Corrosion resistant;
  • They can withstand temperature ranges from –259 to 1650°F;
  • They can withstand pressure drops of up to 600 bar;
  • Compact design;
  • Reduced energy and maintenance costs.


Regenerative heat exchanger

Another great alternative to shell and tube is the regenerative heat exchanger. A regenerative heat exchanger, also known as a regenerator, uses the fluid from a different area of the same system for both the hot and cold fluids. So, the heat from the hot fluid is stored in a thermal storage medium before being transferred to the cold fluid.

There are three common types of regenerative heat exchangers:

  • Rotary regenerators;
  • Fixed matrix regenerator;
  • Micro scale regenerative heat exchanger


Key benefits of regenerative heat exchangers

  • Higher surface area for a given volume;
  • Heat transfer effectiveness;
  • They can withstand severe pressure drops;
  • Can be optimized to suit a wide range of applications;
  • Self-cleaning characteristics;
  • High heat transfer coefficient


At Mahan’s, you can find a wide range heat exchangers and chiller heat exchanger suite for high temperature applications. From printed circuit heat exchanger to regenerative heat exchanger, we are confident we have the right solution for your heat transfer needs.

Whatever your needs may be, we work hard to find the right heat exchanger for your application. Our team of experts will review your specification and provide expert design, analysis and verification.

If you have any questions regarding different types of heat exchangers, whether is printed circuit heat exchanger, shell and tube or regenerative heat exchangers, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Together, we will find the right solution for your heat transfer needs.