We sell, clean, repair, and engineer a wide range of heat transfer systems to meet and exceed the requirements of your industrial applications. Explore our site and find the heat exchange system you need.

Heat transfer is a key process in many industrial, commercial, or domestic applications that require heating or cooling. In order to meet the specific needs and demands of your application, heat transfer systems must be designed and built perfectly.

The correct functionality of a heat transfer system will not only lead to operational and energy efficiency, but it can also guarantee optimum performance and less malfunctions.

Mahan’s Thermal Products has more than 45 years of experience in selling, cleaning, repairing, and engineering heat transfer systems. We are committed to continually grow and improve our selection and we collaborate with world-leading manufacturers in order to meet the market’s requirements.

Dedicated to finding the right heat exchange system for your application, we work closely with our customers to understand and eventually achieve their objectives.

More than a heat transfer systems supplier, we strive to provide our customers with the support they need in order to do the job effectively.


We are a complete provider of heat transfer systems, components and services. Our products are suited for a wide range of applications such as:

  • Industrial;
  • Commercial;
  • Institutional;
  • Power generation;
  • Water to water;
  • Steam supply;
  • Steamed water;
  • Process heating;
  • Engineering applications.


Standard& custom heat transfer systems

The unique requirements of your process heating or cooling application call for the right heat transfer system. At Mahan’s Thermal Products, you can find various types of heat exchanger systems.

  • Shell and tube exchangers

Probably the best known and understood heat transfer system, the shell and tube exchanger is widely popular, mostly for its versatility in terms of types of services. Suited for a wide range of applications, from hydraulics and pharmaceutical to process heating or cooling, this heat exchange system is able to meet process requirements in almost every industry or application.

  • Plate exchangers

More compact and lighter than shell and tube exchangers, using metal plates instead of tubes to transfer heat, plate exchangers are heat transfer systems than can ensure high thermal efficiency. Plate heat exchanger come in many variations that are able to meet process demands from a wide range of industries.

  • Air cooled exchangers

The air cooled exchanger is a heat exchange system able to provide high heat efficiency with minimum waste impact. In contrast with shell & tube or plate heat exchangers, air cooled heat exchangers don’t require water.

  • Cooling towers

Cooling towers are heat transfer systems used to ensure the cooling of water stream in order to lower temperatures. An essential system of heat processing industries, they can increase performance and reduce energy usage.

  • Exhaust and blower silencers

Equipment noise is a common factor in all industries, whether we are talking about chemicals, paper or food and beverage. Sound silencers will not only reduce the noise level, but also improve the work environment.

World-class components

We work closely with some of the best manufacturers to ensure we are able to offer you the right heat transfer system for your applications. Besides heat exchanger systems, we also provide parts, components and accessories, such as gasket plates, bonnets or temperature valves. Our products come from the best names in the industry, such as API Heat Transfer, Basco, Alfa Laval, and R.W. Holland.

Our heat exchangers tested, approved, and are able to create a heat transfer system that is engineered for years of reliable service.

In the event of a heat exchange system malfunction, our staff of engineers is available to assist you. We will review your specification and provide expert design, analysis and verification. Based on this analysis, we can offer maintenance or repair services for a broad range of heat transfer systems.

At Mahan’s Thermal Products, you can find a large selection of heat transfer systems, components, parts and other services, such as repairing or cleaning. Check our products and buy the heat exchanger system you need today.

Focused on providing our customers with energy-saving, reliable solution, our heat transfer equipment is suited for a broad range of applications. Whatever your needs may be, we work hard to find the right heat transfer system for your application.

If you have any questions regarding different types of heat exchange systems or other services, don’t hesitate to contact us. Together we will find the right solution.