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From the Mahans Thermal Products team.

Heat transfer systems for your unique demands

We sell, clean, repair, and engineer a wide range of heat transfer systems to meet and exceed the requirements of your industrial applications. Explore our site and find the heat exchange system you need.

Heat transfer is a key process in many industrial, commercial, or domestic applications that require heating or cooling. In order to meet the specific needs and demands of your application, heat transfer systems must be designed and built perfectly.

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Heat Transfer Equipment

Mahan’s Thermal Products provides heat transfer equipment, cleaning, and repairing for a vast range of industries. Check our selection and get heat exchanger equipment suited for your application’s requirements and challenges.

The transfer of heat is an essential part of most chemical, petrochemical, and refining industries. As the industry grows and changes, the need to increase thermal performance and heat recovery, while reducing operating cost has become stringent for most heat transfer equipment companies.

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Application of heat exchanger in various industries

What is heat exchanger and how can you find the right equipment for your application? Learn about the major application of heat exchangers and get the optimum performance you want. And that’s just the start! Discover a wide range of heat transfer solutions from a premiere heat exchanger supplier.

From space heating and air conditioning to refineries and power plants applications, many industrial and chemical processes involve heating and cooling. Heat represents a vast majority of today’s modern society and heat exchangers are a vital component of this system.

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Heat exchanger solutions for high temperature applications

We are fully equipped to handle even the most complex high temperature application and provide the right heat exchanger for your needs. From printed circuit heat exchanger to regenerative heat exchanger, we have a broad range of products suited for your high temperature applications.

Heat exchangers are used in a wide variety of industries, from power generation and chemical plants to oil cooling and food and beverage applications. Expected to withstand temperatures as high as 1650°F and as low as -259°F, heat exchangers must be sturdy, reliable, and, above all, efficient. Furthermore, they are subjected to even higher pressures, varying up to 600 bar and, in order to achieve optimum performance, one must take advantage of heat exchanger’s design nuances.

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The right heat transfer products for your applications

Whether you are looking for standard heat transfer products or for more complex, custom-made heat transfer solutions, at Mahan’s Thermal Products, we’ve got you covered. From shell and tube to plates and double pipe, we have the heat transfer units you need.

Check our selection of heat transfer products and buy one today.

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Stainless steel heat exchanger: a versatile solution for corrosive environments

Enjoy the corrosion resistance and high performance of stainless steel heat exchanger. Rugged, reliable, and cost effective, they are the ideal solution for corrosive environments.

Heat exchangers are one of the most important and widely used heat transfer equipment found in most industrial sites, from power generation to oil cooling and petrochemical applications. An essential part of our modern society, they must be able to perform in harsh environments, with minimum maintenance costs and energy usage.

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Heat Exchanger Type and Selection

In order to achieve optimum performance, it is essential to use the right type of thermal heat exchanger. With so many options at hand, selecting the proper heat transfer solution is hard. Mahan’s Thermal Products is here to guide you through the process and help you decide between different types of heat exchangers.

Whether you are interested in a graphite heat exchanger or in a brazed design, we are here to provide you the information you need in order to make the right decision.

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Compact shell and tube heat exchangers

Compact size, higher heat performance

Experience the high thermal performance and improved heat recovery of compact heat exchangers. Small in design, reliable, and cost effective they are a great alternative to standard shell and tube heat exchangers.

From cooling and heating applications to petroleum industries or HVAC processes, heat exchangers are indispensable in our modern society. However, the need to increase thermal performance and heat recovery, while reducing the use of energy and operating costs has become more and more pressing for today’s industrial heat exchange applications.

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