Commercial and industrial refrigeration applications

The Alfa Laval DH dry-expansion evaporator has been developed for commercial and industrial refrigeration cooling applications, such as air conditioning or industrial process cooling. These applications typically require an evaporation temperature in the range of 0°C to +10°C, depending on the system efficiency.

Innovative dry-expansion evaporator

The innovative Alfa Laval DH dry-expansion evaporator has a unique patented refrigerant distribution system, which has been optimized for R407F/C and R410A refrigerants. It can also be used with R134a as well as other HFC/HFO refrigerants. The new plastic baffle design improves the shell-side heat transfer performance. Thanks to these innovations, the new Alfa Laval DH evaporator offers the same capacity as the Alfa Laval Dryplus-3 model but is up to 30% shorter in length.

Easy cooling and refrigeration

• Easy to upgrade to the new Alfa Laval DH dry-expansion evaporator from the Alfa Laval Dryplus-3

• Easy to select thanks to the Alfa Laval smarTube software, a calculation tool for thermal sizing

• Easy to buy at any time thanks to easy access through the Alfa Laval e-business portal

• Easy to receive prompt service thanks to a high level of support

• Easy to handle and stock thanks to its compact design (Length is up to 30% shorter than the Alfa Laval Dryplus-3)

• Easy to install and decommission thanks to the low refrigerant charge

• Easy to reduce the environmental impact with CO2 emission levels that are 25% lower than the Alfa Laval Dryplus-3


High performance cooling and refrigeration

The Alfa Laval DH dry-expansion evaporator is a perfect mix of high performance and high quality at a competitive price.

High performance

• Innovative plastic baffles to improve the shell-side heat transfer performance

• One unit handles various refrigerants: R407F, R407C, HFC/HFO, R134a and R410A

• Unique patented refrigerant distribution system optimized for R407F/C and R410A

 High quality

• Corrosion reduction thanks to innovative polypropylene baffles

• High level of technical support and qualified expertise from quotation through to after-sales support and service

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