The new Alfa Laval DM evaporator has been developed for commercial and industrial refrigeration applications at medium temperatures                      ( -2°C to + 4°C), for supermarket food storage cooling or for industrial process cooling. These applications typically demand evaporation temperatures in the range of -10 to -20°C depending on the system efficiency and brines, such as propylene and ethylene glycols.


The Alfa Laval DM design is optimized for R407F and R134a refrigerants, but it can also be utilized with R404A and R507. With its innovative single-pass counter-current design, Alfa Laval’s new DM shell-and-tube evaporator series guarantees maximum efficiency, low cost and a new level of competitiveness.


The new design is optimized for R134a and R407F refrigerants in order to comply with future EU’s regulations which will phase out refrigerants, such as R404A and R507 in 2017 (GWP > 2500).

Very good thermal performance is achieved thanks to a patented and dedicated distribution system and new baffles, which minimize the shell bypass.

Very efficient single-pass, counter-current design provides the best possible performance. Moreover, exchange tubes with an inner grooved pattern maximize the heat transfer coefficient and limit the negative effects of pressure drop.

No safety margin is required for thermal sizing of the DM evaporator, which is generally recommended for other evaporators (Dryplus-3 and Dryplus-E) in Alfa Laval smarTube user guidelines.


  • ASME approval available upon request
  • Mounting feet
  • Insulation 3/4″

DM dry-expansion evaporator supply and delivery

DM evaporator is available in several different models with capacities up to 1.000 kW (medium temperature).

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