The Alfa Laval semi welded plate heat exchangers are available in six models. The refrigerant flows in laser-welded, sealed plate channels, and the brine in gasketed channels. The flexible modular design copes with fatigue stresses and ice formation. The semi-welded heat exchanger handles most refrigerants on the welded side and is particularly suitable for ammonia duties. Standard plate materials are stainless steel and titanium. Temperature range is -47°C to 150°C; pressure is up to 40 bar, depending on size.


  • Low charge
  • Low weight
  • Easy to modify heat transfer area for altered capacities, refrigerants
  • Easy inspection and cleaning of the liquid side
  • Reliable, with long service life for heavy duties
  • Plate materials for corrosive fluids, cooling water and brines
  • Condenser/desuperheater or condenser/oil cooler combined in single unit
  • Floating condensation with flooded evaporation
  • Can be optimized with air liquid coolers in indirect cooling systems


  • Water/glycol-cooled condensers
  • Flooded evaporators
  • DX evaporators
  • Cascade systems
  • Desuperheater/gas coolers for, for example, heat recovery
  • Economizers/subcoolers
  • Oil coolers

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