This range of dry-expansion evaporators consists of a wide selection of Dryplus-3 units, supplemented by special Dryplus-E models especially for large-scale air-conditioning and refrigeration installations.

Dryplus-3 evaporators are widely used as air-conditioning coolers, refrigeration brine coolers and process cooling evaporators, as well as being ideal for use in heat pump applications. These robust, reliable units are suitable for use with all HCFC and HFC refrigerants, and are currently available in 25 sizes, with one, two, three or four refrigerant circuits and cooling capacities of 18–1500 kW.

Dryplus-E units are specially designed to meet high Coefficient of Performance (COP) requirements in large industrial, commercial and HVAC installations – such as where year-round cooling is needed. They are optimized for high-efficiency duties using R134a as refrigerant, making it possible to comply with stringent environmental standards

Dryplus-E evaporators are designed for exceptional efficiency even at partial loads. They are available with cooling capacities of up to 1420 kW and with one, two, three or four refrigerant circuits.

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