Cooling towers with PHEs beat evaporative coolers for economy and efficiency!

A Blow System is an Alternative to using Fluid Coolers

Installing an evaporative cooler is one answer for HVAC and process fluid conditioning. Such units can isolate system fluids from contaminants while eliminating heat. But a much better choice is available. Structure a system that combines a cooling tower with a plate heat exchanger, and you’ll save money from day one. You’ll also get a system that maintains effective fluid isolation and cools HVAC or process liquids more efficiently. A tower system with a £okn”is PHE at its heart is far less expensive to buy than any evaporative cooler. Couple the tower and the heat exchanger, and you also get a more efficient system that’s cheaper to run, incorporates superior stainless steel components, uses colder water (not glycol), and requires smaller components — including heat pumps — with lower horsepower.

Combining a cooling tower with a heat exchanger delivers unbeatable savings at purchase and throughout a long, useful life. Make the efficient, economical choice whenever you need to cool HVAC or process fluids. Choose PHEs.

Seven reasons to choose a PHE/cooling tower system

• Much lower purchase price and installed cost than an evaporative cooler system
• Lower horsepower for greater economy
• Colder water in system means lower operating cost
• Superior cleanability results in lower maintenance costs
• Overall system is smaller, more economical to operate
• No need for glycol, so system delivers better heat transfer, lower operating cost
• Stainless steel construction of PHEs is more durable than evaporative cooler alternatives.

The choice is clear. For big savings at purchase, and more efficient, economical operation afterward, go with cooling tower/PHE system.

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