Custom heat exchanger solutions for your applications

Discover the benefits of a custom heat exchanger. If your application requires a custom heat transfer solution, other than the commercial heat exchangers available on our site, contact us and we will help you find the right equipment for your process and space constraints.

Thermal performance, reliability, cost, and size are some of the key factors in choosing heat exchangers for cooling or heating applications. When commercial heat exchangers fail to meet the specific requirements of your application, a custom heat exchanger can offer the solution you are looking for.

A custom heat exchanger should be expected to provide both thermal and mechanical performance, while taking operational requirements into account. But, finding the right heat exchangers is a complex task that requires a complete understanding of the operational and process considerations. Almost every application comes with its own set of specifications and challenges and there are a lot of questions that need to be answered before designing a custom solution.

Custom heat exchanger design for your heat transfer needs

When traditional shell & tube or plate heat exchangers can’t meet your heat transfer needs, we are here to help you with a custom design. Mahan’s Thermal Products can develop custom solutions that are both thermal and cost efficient. We can design all brands and types of heat transfer products for a wide range of industries and markets, from power generation to oil cooling applications.

In order to design the right solution, we look at the process first, and we ask ourselves some of these questions:

  • Type of fluids: toxic, corrosive or lethal?
  • Are there any fluctuations in the flows or temperatures?
  • Do either of the fluids contain solids and if yes, what size?
  • Are there any space limitations that cannot be avoided?
  • Is cooling with air an option?

Our team of experts will carefully analyze your process requirements and space constraints. Dedicated to finding the best solution for your application, we will perform accurate thermal prediction for your heat transfer needs. We can also provide a large selection of technologies and materials to create a heat exchanger that meets even the most rigorous demands. From aluminum and stainless steel to copper, we utilize a large variety of materials to ensure our custom heat exchanger is the best solution for your application.

Fluid property is another essential consideration we take into account before designing a custom heat exchanger. We provide a variety of configuration, such as cross-flow, counter-flow, multi-pass, multi-circuit systems or multi-core systems.

Custom heat exchangers for a wide range of industries and applications

Mahan’s specializes in providing heat transfer solution in a variety of industries, from oil and gas to refrigerator and industrial processes. Our engineering professionals will bring you solutions and equipment able to meet the highest standard of design and quality.

We develop custom heat exchangers for applications such as:

  • Heat pumps;
  • Oil coolers;
  • Condensers;
  • Evaporators;
  • District heating;
  • Process heating;


Whatever your needs, we are dedicated to finding the right heat transfer solution for your application. Our extensive line of parts and components comes from some of the best names in the industries.

Contact us and tell us your heat transfer needs. Together we will find the best solution!