Brazed plate heat exchangers

Enjoy the highest level of thermal efficiency and accuracy offered by brazed plate heat exchangers. Compact, reliable, and cost effective, they are a great alternative to the standard plate heat exchanger design. Why not buy one today?

When it comes to heat transfer processes, maximizing performance, while minimizing the amount of material used is not only desired, but also recommended. This type of approach will not only lead to energy efficient operations, but it will also keep costs down when material prices increase.

One of the best ways to ensure high heat transfer performance with a low cost unit is by using brazed plate heat exchangers.

Brazed plate heat exchangers accommodate a set of plates that are brazed together, but without the gasket and frame parts. The stainless steel composition with copper brazing make brazed heat exchangers resistant to high temperatures and corrosion.  The corrugated plate design eliminated the need for gaskets and frame plates, resulting in a more compact and light weighted model. Thus, brazed heat exchangers can complete the thermal exchange process more rapidly and can withstand high pressure and temperature.

Process functionality

Brazed plate heat exchangers come in various sized and designs, according to the application’s requirements. However, there are three common sizes used by contractors, each with its own process functionality.

Compact & cost effective

One of the main key features of brazed plate heat exchangers is their ability to offer the highest level of thermal efficiency in a plate heat design. However, there are other reasons to consider brazed heat exchangers:

  • Compactness: The compact design makes them perfect for when there is a tight space situation. The require less floor space, but with increased thermal efficiency;
  • Cost effective: Brazed plate heat exchangers offer optimum performance at low installation and maintenance costs;
  • Easy to clean and maintain: Brazed heat exchangers require very little maintenance. The plates can be easily removed and cleaned or repaired;
  • Easy to install: Very often, homeowners are able to install brazed heat exchangers themselves, without the assistance of a professional;
  • Efficient: Due to the interlocking plate design, brazed heat exchangers can complete the thermal process exchange process more rapidly than traditional plate heat exchangers;
  • Environmentally friendly: their uses reduce the amount of fossil fuel used in domestic, commercial or industrial sites.



The durability and compactness of brazed plate heat exchangers make them ideal for a large number of industries such as hydraulic or refrigeration applications.

  • Heating applications

The thermal efficiency and compact design make brazed heat exchangers a great option for various heating applications such as heat pumps, district heating, or solar heating systems.

  • Refrigeration

Refrigeration applications often include high pressures and the sturdiness of brazed heat exchangers makes them an excellent choice.

  • Industrial applications

Brazed plate heat exchangers are also used in many industrial processes, such as oil cooling, electronic systems, or process heating.

  • Hydronic

Swimming pools, snow melting applications, or spa heating processes use brazed plate heat exchangers.

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