Performance deficiencies in an HVAC system are difficult to detect and can result in much higher energy costs. Certification of components assures the system will perform optimally. The Alfa Laval AlfaQ™ range is certified to AHRI 400.

AQ1L AHRI certified plate heat exchanger

The Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) Standard 400 certification is an independent, third-party verification of thermal performance. Through its certification program and standards, AHRI strives to help customers save energy, improve their productivity and help to ensure a better environment.

Performance certification verifies that the product performs in accordance with the manufacturer’s published ratings, and is particularly useful in applications such as district cooling substations, ice-storage systems, data centres and free cooling systems.
AHRI Certification Procedures and Benefits

To certify a product to AHRI standards, the manufacturer submits specifications and performance data to AHRI for performance evaluation and potential certification.

Once certified, buyers and users can be assured that:

  • The plate heat exchanger will perform in accordance with the manufacturer’s published ratings.
  • Product performance can be easily compared for their specific application.
  • Alfa Laval has accomplished a 100% success rate in the AHRI performance certification program for more than a decade.
  • Cost effective for everyone involved



  • Reduces lifetime operating costs significantly by assuring a more energy-efficient system.
  • Ensures full investment value by reducing costs for field tests and additional component performance margins.



  • Allows for the design of a system in which all the major components are independently performance certified,
  • Ensures that targets on power consumption and climate control can be met.
  • Provides a verifiable basis for heat exchanger selection.
  • Protects the owner and consulting engineer from performance concerns during commissioning and after installation.


  • Eliminates field acceptance tests of each component, thereby reducing payment hold-back times after commissioning.
  • Ensures that all certified plate heat exchangers included in proposals will deliver the stated thermal performance.
  • Reduces troubleshooting time during commissioning and after start-up.


Alfa Laval AlfaQ™ Series – the optimal choice

Alfa Laval AlfaQ™ plate heat exchangers are available to meet most heat transfer requirements – whether large or small – and include a three-year warranty, demonstrating our commitment to optimizing the performance of our customers’ processes.

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