AlfaDisc is suitable for most of the applications, such as general cooling and heating duties, condensation, evaporation, reboiling and stream heating.

Standard design

AlfaDisc is built on the Plate & Shell concept. It is able to withstand higher design pressure, is more compact, is better developed for fatigue applications, has the possibility for asymmetric flow and is cleanable on one side. These features in combination with an attractive price give us a range of competitive advantages over other welded concepts.

The AlfaDisc all-welded plate heat exchanger provides the thermal efficiency and compactness of a plate and frame unit under conditions that would normally call for a shell and tube unit.

Designed for use with liquids, gases and two-phase mixtures at pressure up to 100 bars (PED & ASME) and at temperatures up to 538°C, the Plate&Shell unit works well with aggressive media, such as organic solvents, steam heaters and interchangers that are beyond the capability of a gasketed unit. The unit is also available with removable core design.

Typical capacities

Liquid flow rate Up to 157 kg/s (2355 gpm) depending on media, permitted pressure drop and temperature program.


  • AlfaDisc 25
  • AlfaDisc 100
  • AlfaDisc 50
  • AlfaDisc 150
  • AlfaDisc 80
  • AlfaDisc 200


Working principle

The unit features a plate side and a shell side, which offer high pressure ratings. It has alternating channels for hot and cold media, and can offer true counter-current or co-current flow. Number of passes could be up to 3 passes maximum on each side.

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