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Duff-Norton Rotary Unions

9000 Series - General Purpose

Advanced Sealing System - Bellows sealing system provides superior sealing performance throughout the wear life of the Rotary Union Superior Alignment - Dual bearings available in all sizes over 1 1/4" to provide superior alignment Resists Debris Build-Up - Debris in contaminated media will not be captured in the Bellows Sealing System, which reduces clogging

2000 Series - Shock & Vibration Resistant

Heavy Duty Design - Designed with two ball bearings spaced to withstand radial and thrust loads Easy Maintenance - Designed with an integral flange that allows repairs without removing the housing from the machine No Leakage in Tough Applications - Compression springs in the 2000 Series provide even loading across the seal surfaces to maintain zero leakage even in low pressure applications Easy Mounting - The flange attaches directly to the machine journal, providing inherently concentric mounting, minimizing overhang, and partially relieving bearing load to increase service life

8000 Series - Steam and Hot Oil

Ideal For Steam Applications - Designed for operation in a variety of steam applications Safety - An anti-torque lug prevents rotation of the housing while in operation No Lubrication Needed - The special carbon graphite bearing is lubricated by the process fluid and requires no additional lubrication Hot Oil Applications - 8000HO offers the same design features as the standard 8000 Series but with a special high temperature seal ring for hot oil applications Stainless Steel Insert - The stainless steel housing insert in the 8000T Series makes this joint a favorite in the textile industry