Sound attenuation and filtration systems

At Mahan’s Thermal Products, we carry a complete line of noise control and filtration systems for a wide range of industries. Browse our selection and find the sound attenuation equipment best fitted for your application.

From cooling and heating applications to petroleum industries or HVAC processes, heat exchangers are indispensable in our modern society. At the same time, equipment noise is a common factor in all industries, whether we are talking about chemicals, paper, or food and beverage. The dependency of air coolers, for example, on unrestricted air flow and the noise created by fans, pumps, and compressors can become irritating.

A sound silencer will not only reduce the noise level, but also improve the work environment. Besides the standard acoustic and filtration systems, manufactures today offer custom solution designed to work with your equipment type, size, speed, pressure, and temperature.

Sound attenuation solution for a large array of applications

At Mahan’s Thermal Products, you can find acoustic and filtration systems suitable for a large array of industries, from air process and power generation to oil and gas or process heating.

Air process solutions

Air cooled heat exchangers are becoming a preferred heat transfer solution in refineries, petrochemical plants, and other applications where heat must be removed from fluid. However, noise created by pneumatic and air moving equipment can become a problem.

Silencers can effectively control noise, without interfering with the thermal process. From absorptive silencers to air filtration and blower silencers, there are a lot of solutions you can choose from.

Power generation

Sound attenuation and filtration is a great solution for power generation plants. From natural gas turbines to diesel engines, a sound attenuation system can provide noise control to any application, regardless of the size of sound emission.

Oil and gas

Oil and gas applications can generate a large amount of noise and emissions that can be irritating or even hazardous to workers and residents. The right sound attenuation can reduce noise and emissions to acceptable standards, while achieving maximum performance.

Benefits of using sound attenuation and filtration

Some of the benefits of installing noise control equipment include:

  • High sound attenuation;
  • Low exhaust back pressure;
  • Small package size;
  • Customized sound attenuation solution for your applications.


Installing a sound silencer will not only lead to noise reduction, but also improve the work environment. Besides heat transfer solutions, Mahan’s strive to meet any customer requirements, including sound attenuation.

We offer intake and exhaust products and services from the best names in the industries, including Universal Silencer. Their attenuation and filtration system design are supported by acoustic, filtration and emissions testing.

Check our selection of sound silencers and filtration systems and choose the right solution for your application. If you can’t find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts will help you find the solution you are looking for.