Medium and Low Speed Engine Silencers

Universal offers the below engine silencers for medium and low-speed stationary engine applications.


Universal AET’s exhaust silencers provide the best performance for all engine applications because we offer silencers crafted for four different attenuation grades*, and in a variety of styles and configurations, including spark-arresting silencers for gas engine applications. Engine packagers in Power Generation, Oil & Gas and OEM markets look to Universal AET to provide custom or standard engine silencers that yield excellent sound attenuation.

 Silencers for Small Spaces and Critical Applications

“Puck”-style and “low-profile” silencers are designed to fit in applications where vertical space is at a premium. Puck silencers are round like a hockey puck while low-profile silencers are rectangular to better accommodate engines with dual exhaust turbos that are far apart. Low-profile silencers have rounded side panels for better acoustic performance.

These styles not only fit in the smallest enclosures, are ideal for portable power, marine or other applications where a “tight fit” is a concern. The single inlet models are available in residential, critical and hospital attenuation grades. Critical and hospital grade models also offer a low skin temperature (LST) design for exceptionally small compartments and enclosures to keep radiant heat to a minimum. The LST configuration incorporates an extra layer of packed acoustic/thermal insulation that reduces heat and noise, eliminating the need for expensive external wraps. The aluminized steel designs far outperform the comparably priced carbon steel competition by offering higher corrosion resistance, greater maximum operating temperatures, less weight and an overall longer silencer life.

DSC00705 Puck


low profile engine silencer

Custom Low-Profile Puck and Oval Silencers are available in single-inlet and dual-inlet models. Give us a call for more information.