Heat Exchanger Cleaning and Maintenance Service

Let Mahan’s Thermal Products return your heat exchanger to their “as new” condition. We offer heat exchanger cleaning and maintenance that will keep your equipment running at its optimum.

FlushIndustries that rely on heat transfer equipment are always looking for ways to reduce costs, while keeping their equipment running at peak efficiency all the time. One way to keep operations at an optimum rate and save tens of thousands of dollars in energy, repair, and downtime is by properly maintaining and cleaning heat exchangers.

Although they were built to withstand impressive temperatures and pressures, with time, even the most reliable heat exchanger can clog, foul, or corrode. Scheduled maintenance can reduce the risks of unplanned repairs or system downtime, and saving you time, money, and a lot of trouble.

The importance of properly cleaned and maintained heat exchangers

In order to achieve the highest level of thermal efficiency, heat exchangers should be allowed to maximize their efficiency. Long periods without proper cleaning and maintenance will affect the equipment’s ability to perform as it was originally designed to. Over time, dusts and sediments can build up on the plates or tubes can interact and reduce the heat exchanger’s efficiency. Corroded gaskets, blockage, fouling, or pressure losses are issues that can affect the heat transfer process.

Dirty or fouled heat exchangers can lead to:

  • Loss of horsepower;
  • Reduced efficiency;
  • Premature equipment failure;
  • Wasted energy;
  • Overheated equipment;
  • Undue maintenance hours;
  • Loss of production.

The lack of proper cleaning and maintenance can lead to unscheduled production stops, which can be extremely costly and can harm your reputation.

Experience counts

Downtimes are costly, so there isn’t a lot of upside in choosing an industrial cleaning service with limited expertize or outdated equipment. With more than 45 years of experience in the industry, we are more than qualified to clean, monitor and refurbish any brand or type exchanger.

At Mahan’s, we are able to return your heat exchanger to their “as new” condition with our three level of  “any brand” service. That is right, we can clean a broad range of heat exchangers, from standard shell and tube designs to custom made one.

Our offering includes a large range of cleaning options, such as mechanical cleaning, chemical de-greasing, chemical de-scaling or high pressure jetting.

Water through drilling equipment, chemical flushing, and blasting equipment can bring some units up to near new condition.

Proactive maintenance

Flush 4Here at Mahan’s, we encourage regular inspection and maintenance of the heat exchangers. Proactively monitoring equipment, such as pressure and temperature gauges, filters, or gaskets can help to identify potential problems in their early state.

Regular scheduling of cleaning and maintenance can save you money and time and the eventually of an unexpected breakdown.

If you have any questions concerning heat exchanger cleaning and maintenance or if you would like to schedule a cleaning, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts will help you find the solution you are looking for.