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Whether we’re talking about power generation, petrochemical applications, food and beverage industries, or pharmaceuticals, one thing is clear: industries are expanding. And, although most of these industries rely on heat transfer processes, we believe it is rather safe to affirm that no application is alike. Every application come with its own set of challenges and demands and, depending on the needs, some heat transfer solution can perform better than others.

Since heat exchangers are costly and right one can make the difference between low and high performance, understanding the basics of heat transfer processes is not only desirable, but imperative.

Dedicated to providing top quality heat transfer products to its customers, Mahan’s Thermal Products is here to tell you everything about industrial heat transfer and to help you find the right heat transfer solution for your application.

How is heat transferred – heat transfer by conduction, convection & radiation

Heat can travel from one medium to another in there ways: conduction, convection and radiation. The amazing thing about heat is that every time there is a temperature difference between two systems (like in the case of heat exchangers), it will always find a way to transfer from the higher to the lower system.

Heat transfer by conduction

Place a metal spoon in a hot pot and see what happens. The handle of the spoon will get hot. This is heat transfer by conduction.

Heat transfer by conduction occurs when two objects at different temperatures are in contact with each other. As the substance is heated, particles gain more energy and move around more. These particles “bump” into nearby particles, transferring some of their energy. As a result, heat flows from the warmer to the cooler object until both reach the same temperature.

Heat transfer by conduction is the principle under which heat exchangers work.

Heat transfer by convection

Convection occurs when warmer areas of a liquid or gas rise to cooler areas in the liquid or gas. As this happens, cooler liquid or gas takes the place of the warmer areas which have risen higher and so on, resulting in a continuous circulation pattern where heat is transferred to cooler areas.

Heat transfer by radiation

Both heat transfer by conduction and radiation require matter. Radiation is a heat transfer method that doesn’t rely upon the contact between the heat source and the heated object. In this case, heat is transmitted through empty space by thermal radiation.

How is heat transferred in a heat exchanger?

In a heat exchanger, the heat is transferred by conductions. Two fluids at different temperatures are separated by a solid wall, while the heat is transferred from the hotter fluid to the colder one, until the reach the same temperature level. In most industrial, commercial or even domestic applications, this is carried out in a heat exchanger.

So, a heat exchanger is a metal tube designed to remove the heat from the burned fluid substance, such as gas or oil, in your furnace and transfer that heat into your home or building. They are usually comprised of two chambers, separated by a wall. Heat passes from a furnace to the first fluid, which warms the fluid and cools the furnace. The circulating fluid transfers its heat to the second fluid through the wall.

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