Ketema - DXT Evaportator


Mahan’s Thermal Products, Inc. is pleased to announce the purchase of the intellectual property of the process division of Ketema Heat Transfer LLC from Alfa Laval. We are able to support process units that have been sold over the years with parts and/or direct drop in equipment. We have the ability to fabricate entire heat exchangers and parts such as tube bundles, channels, heads, gaskets, seals, etc. We also have many of the original ACME Chiller files and are able to provide replacement parts.

DXT evaporators utilize the latest technology tubing engineered specifically for refrigerant evaporation. Special enhancements produce exceptional performance and efficiency. Refrigerant boils readily against the surface, reducing the overall vessel size and cost. The new generation of DXT vessels features heavy-duty ring and cover head fabrications and 3/4” OD tube materials to perform reliably in the most HVAC and industrial applications.

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