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What is a heat exchanger? Learn all about heat exchangers and their applications. And that’s just the start! Discover a great range of heat transfer equipment from world’s leading heat exchanger suppliers.

Many industrial, chemical, electrical or even domestic applications involve heating and cooling. Since heat is a key component, heat exchangers are a vital part of the process equipment.

Whether you are looking for a basic shell & tube heat exchanger or for a more complex heat transfer solution, buying a new heat exchanger isn’t an easy job. Dedicated to bringing only the most innovative and energy efficient products to the market, we are here to help you find the right heat exchanger for the right applications. That means providing as much information and as much help as possible to make your new heat transfer equipment your best yet.

So, what’s a heat exchanger anyway?

Simply put, a heat exchanger is a device that transfers heat from one medium, usually a fluid, to another, through conduction. A solid wall to prevent the mixing may separate the medium or they may be in direct contact. Depending on the type of heat exchanger, the fluid may be either liquid or gas, and it’s sealed in a series of pipes that allows them to circulate.

How does a heat exchanger work?

So a heat exchanger is a metal tube designed to remove the heat from the burned fluid substance, such as gas or oil, in your furnace and transfer that heat into your home or building. They are usually comprised of two chambers, separated by a wall. Heat passes from a furnace to the first fluid, which warms the fluid and cools the furnace. The circulating fluid transfers its heat to the second fluid through the wall.

What are heat exchangers used for?

Heat exchangers are wildly used in space heating, air conditioning, or refrigeration. Air conditioners and refrigerators, for example, use heat exchangers to remove heat from a compartment in the room where it is not wanted.

Heat exchangers are also used in power plants, chemical processing, power production, and all sorts of industrial processes. The size and type of the heat exchanger can be customized, as every application has its own set of requirements and specifications.

The most commonly known heat exchanger is the car radiator, which cools the hot radiator fluid by using the airflow over the surface of the radiator.

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How to find the right heat exchanger suppliers?

Finding and choosing the right supplier is important. And, as important as price is when selecting a supplier, the quality of the equipment, the reliability, and competency are key factors that cannot be neglected.

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