The Air cooled Heat Exchanger

From cooling and heating applications, heat exchangers are indispensable in our modern society. However, a clean, healthy, and prosperous environment is also the basic conditions for our well being. Improving heat efficiency while minimizing waste and saving energy is one of the major concerns of most heat transfer equipment manufacturers and suppliers. Air cooled heat exchangers may just be the answer.

In contrast with shell & tube heat exchangers, air cooled heat exchangers do not require water, which means that there’s no need for the equipment requiring cooling to be placed near a water source. Furthermore, the disposal and treatment of water is no longer a problem and, as a result, costs are cut down.

Reliable and environmentally friendly

An air cooled heat exchanger forces air over the exterior of the tubes similar to a car’s radiator.

The finned tubes play a major role in performance of air cooled heat exchangers. Their efficiency depends on the heat transfer capabilities of the finned tubes. Factors like design, temperatures, operating environment or materials must be taken into consideration before the final decision. Aluminum finned tubes increase the corrosive and high temperatures resistance properties.

Compared to water heat exchangers, the air cooled heat exchanger’s cooling ability is usually limited by the ambient dry bulb temperature. However, since air cooled heat exchangers do not require and auxiliary water supply or water treatment, they are a green solution as compared to shell and tube heat exchangers.


Air cooled heat exchangers are used in a large variety of applications that involves transferring heat the atmosphere. Due to the fact that they don’t require water, they are idea in areas where water is lacking.

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