Plate heat exchangers for effective heat transfer

Plate heat exchangers provide the highest thermal efficiency in heat transfer processes. So why not buy one today? At Mahan’s Thermal Products, you can find a large spectrum of standard plate type heat exchangers, as well as brazed and gasketed heat exchangers.

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Maximum performance and suitability are paramount in process applications involving heat transfers. If shell and tube exchangers were a cost-effective option, suitable for a large range of applications, plate type heat exchangers are engineered to achieve the highest thermal efficiency in a heat transfer process.

Compact in design, with a flow turbulence that ensures effective heat transfer, plate heat exchangers can meet virtually any operational specification, from a wide range of industries, from oil and gas to metals. So whether you want to maximize heat recovery or to cool off slurries, plate and frame heat exchangers are the heat transfer equipment you are looking for.

Plate and frames brings efficiency to heat transfer

Plate type heat exchangers, also known as plate and frame heat exchangers, are one of the most common types of industrial heat exchangers. Unlike shell and tube, a plate heat exchanger uses metal plates to transfer heat between two fluids. This gives the design a major advantage in that the overall heat transfer coefficient is higher than in a traditional shell and tube heater.

Plate heat exchangers come in many variations that are able to meet process demands from a wide range of industries. At Mahan’s Thermal Products, you can find a comprehensive array of heat exchanger plates, including gasketed plate heat exchangers, fully welded, and brazed heat exchangers.

 Gasketed plate heat exchanger

This design uses high quality gaskets to seal plates together. The hot fluid flows on one side of the plate, while the cold fluid flows on the other side, with no fluid leakage risk. Plates can easily be removed for cleaning, repairing, or complete replacement.

Brazed plate heat exchangers

Manufactured from rogued materials such as a stainless steel composition with copper brazing, the heat exchanger plates have corrosive resistance properties. Efficient and compact, they require less space that standard shell and tube exchanger.

Welded plate heat exchangers

Welded plates are similar to gasketed plate heat exchangers, just that the plates are welded together. Sturdy and durable, they can withstand high temperatures and are great for transporting corrosive materials.

High performance & easy maintenance (advantages)

The advantages of using plate type heat exchangers are widely known. They occupy less space, are lighter and do not need to be cleaned as often as other traditional heat exchangers. Furthermore, plate heat exchanger efficiency is higher than shell and tube efficiency.

Generally speaking, plate heat exchangers are best known for:

  • High thermal efficiency and effective heat transfer – due to its design, the fluids are spread out over the plates and are exposed to a larger area surface. As a result, the heat coefficient is higher. However, if there is an extreme difference between two fluids, it is recommend to use a shell & tube heat exchanger;
  • Compact design: the compact configuration allows for the same thermal efficiency as a shell and tube heat exchanger, but on a smaller area;
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning – plates can easily be removed to be cleaned or repaired;
  • Temperature control – plate and frame heat exchangers work well with small temperature crossing;
  • Environmentally conscious.

With a plate heat exchanger, you will have heat transfer equipment guaranteed to offer the highest thermal efficiency. At Mahan’s Thermal Products, you can find standard plate type heat exchangers, as well as brazed and gasketed heat exchangers.

 Always the right plate type heat exchangers for your needs

Heat transfer processes may look the same to an untrained eye, but for a process engineer there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. Optimum performance can only be achieved with the proper type and size of the plates

A crucial sizing is plate heat exchanger sizing, which can affect the full performance of any heat transfer application.

Finding the right heat exchanger for the right application can be a bit daunting. Mahan’s makes sure you are on the right track.

At Mahan’s Thermal Products, you can find a large selection of plate heat exchangers, including components, parts and other services. Furthermore, our services include cleaning and repairing of heat exchanger plates.

Check our selection of heat exchanger plates or give a call if you need maintenance or cleaning. If you can’t find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts will help you find the solution you are looking for.